About Us

Nourished by a father who became one of Barrow County’s largest land developers, Jerry Maynard first established Maynard Realty  in 1982.  He later entered into various partnerships, but in 2015, Maynard fulfilled his desire of returning to his roots.  He dissolved his partnerships with others and re-formed Maynard Realty.

As broker for Maynard Realty, Jerry is working alongside established agents in Mike McKinney and Judy Rickard.  These three along with Jerry’s daughter, Lacey, and her husband, Brian Burke, have joined forces to become a formidable Real Estate team.

With Jerry Maynard’s experience in all areas of Real Estate and the specific knowledge brought by each agent, Maynard Realty can handle all Real Estate needs of the client.  Whether you are seeking residential, commercial or industrial development, Maynard Realty, has knowledge in every facet of the Real Estate experience from buying/selling to closing the deal.  We are also involved in several Real Estate Management endeavors.

Maynard Realty looks forward to handling all of your Real Estate needs.